The latest version of GalactiX G2 VSTi synth can be found here.

Single version 1.1

The freeware sound modeling application for Windows

The features are:

* Fast text parsing engine to create audio/.wav from math formulas
* Unlimited possibilities to combine math functions
to create high fidelity analog sound thanks to oversampling
from х16 up to x1024 with customizable FIRs.
* Math parsing engine with double precision calculations
* Up to 8 filters per sound (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, Moog type)
* Up to 4 delay lines to model rich analog-sounding chorus
* Possibility to use maths functions and custom functions as oscillators as well as wavetables
  4 Access Virus oscillators
  4 oscillators from GalactiX (VSTi) synthesizer by (c) Alex@Smartelectronix
* Waveform and spectrum viewers that allow graphically to analyze the resulting sound
* Editable custom envelopes
* Possibility to export entire sound to wav file or to Halion multi-sample (.fxp) files for alive performance
* Supports micro-tuning temperaments (Equal, Pythagorean, Just, Mean-tone 1/4 comma)
* Rithmic functions based on the number's binary representation to create patterns
* Adjustable user interface
* Function's syntax highlighting
* Included formulas sound library with approximately 100 examples
* Documentation

The SoundModeler and all it contains are
Copyright © 2020 Alex Kritov
All rights are reserved.